stronghealth4ever.com terms and conditions are some policy conditions that a customer needs to adhere. We reserve the right to process and ship an order at our sole discretion. Customer has to understand and adhere these terms of use:

  • Our website is a complete independent store. At any time of concern, it should not be linked to medicos, dispensing pharmacies or any third party. Customer should purchase the product under a medical prescription. stronghealth4ever.com should not be held responsible for any product misuse.
  • stronghealth4ever.com, its employees, shipping department has no responsibility, liability regarding the importing requirement, regulations, proprietary, patient hold laws of the country to which products are shipped.
  • Customer will receive the product at his own risk. In case products are seized by the customs, lost the liability rests completely with the customer. Customer will need to provide letter of confiscation to stronghealth4ever.com as received by him from the customer authority or import authority. Once this condition is matched, customer becomes entitled for reship or refund facility.
  • Errors caused by Postal service will be entertained by stronghealth4ever.com only in genuine cases. Attempted delivery and absence at the time of delivery is a situation where stronghealth4ever.com should not be held responsible.
  • We may ship different generic product that contain same active ingredient. This depends up on the product availability. Products may differ in appearance as shown on the website however the active ingredient will be same. In such situation, stronghealth4ever.com should not be held liable.
  • If a customer receives wrong shipment, damaged product (due to our fault), the same shall be re shipped once this is noticed by stronghealth4ever.com. In this case, Customer should provide a RETURN MERCHANDISE NUMBER.
  • Orders will not be cancelled after successful confirmation. Order cancellation remains active until a successful order shipment is confirmed.
  • All information that is found on our website is for information purpose only. The same cannot be substituted for medical prescription, medical advice, cure, self treatment etc. stronghealth4ever.com strictly advises you to take medical prescription before making an online purchase.
  • I, Customer, agree to all terms and condition and will adhere accordingly. When I agree to these terms and conditions, I agree that these terms and conditions may change at any point of time. I agree to refund policy, shipping policy, privacy policy which is subject to change with any prior notice.
  • stronghealth4ever.com reserves the right to ship, cancel any order at its sole discretion. We respects all patent laws. Logos, trademarks appearing on the website are property of their respective owners which should not be linked to this website. All content on the website is for information purpose.


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